Subject: Ethical pork

This weekend Farms Not Factories visited the Great British Food Festival in Staffordshire, where visitors signed the Pig Pledge and got clued up on the pig issues surrounding pork from animal factories. With the Shugborough Estate providing a beautiful background, over 100 people signed the Pig Pledge – pledging to eat meat only from real… continue reading

Today, we’re posting a guest blog written by Hugh Collins, food journalist from our fantastic supporters at GrowEatGather (w​ ​- an independent online publication devoted to celebrating the wealth of locally grown ingredients and honouring the good people who work hard to grow, supply and cook real food across the United Kingdom. Winston Churchill once… continue reading

Last Saturday we wrapped up warm, gathered our piggy materials and headed off to Stepney City Farm in East London for PigFest 2014. PigFest was organised as a celebration of the Berkshire pork reared on Stepney City Farm, as well as raising awareness of high welfare meat, factory farming, sustainable pig production methods and an… continue reading

1.) Go vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian There are so many delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes which make for an excellent substitute to the usual Christmas menu. These are healthy, full of flavours and can look beautiful too! Keep an eye out for seasonal fruits vegetables like red cabbages, leeks, squashes, apples and pears. When combined with nuts and seeds… continue reading

Awfully good offal

What is offal? The word offal originates from the Middle English meaning ‘refuse from a process’ and refers to ‘the entrails and internal organs of an animal used as food’.[1] Edible offal can include the head, tongue, brains, heart, liver, kidney, spleen, stomach or tripes, some countries may even include the feet, throat and lungs.[2]… continue reading

Eat for Victory!

This post was written by Clare from Eat for Victory – she is a Pig Pledge supporter (, nutritional expert and is helping people learn about and immerse themselves in their good, clean food roots. For more information visit Know your producers and support sound practice – sign the pig pledge! As you know,… continue reading

Going vegan or vegetarian is admirable, and we at Farms Not Factories fully support it, hence the ‘go meat-free’ option on our Pig Pledge form. We recognise however that for many people going meat-free is not an option, so we make it easier for them to choose ethically produced pork through our supermarket labelling guide… continue reading