Subject: Eating cheaper & healthier

1.) Go vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian There are so many delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes which make for an excellent substitute to the usual Christmas menu. These are healthy, full of flavours and can look beautiful too! Keep an eye out for seasonal fruits vegetables like red cabbages, leeks, squashes, apples and pears. When combined with nuts and seeds… continue reading

Awfully good offal

What is offal? The word offal originates from the Middle English meaning ‘refuse from a process’ and refers to ‘the entrails and internal organs of an animal used as food’.[1] Edible offal can include the head, tongue, brains, heart, liver, kidney, spleen, stomach or tripes, some countries may even include the feet, throat and lungs.[2]… continue reading

If we are to continue being able to feed the world’s rapidly growing population sustainably, innovation and expert knowledge will doubtless be needed. Sadly, all too often progress means forgetting the practices and knowledge of past generations. Real progress looks backwards as well as forwards, as can be seen in the growing number of advocates… continue reading

BBC photo We all know our consumption of meat in the West is unsustainable, yet we rarely question why. Conflicting information and often bitter truths have created a culture of denial. The horsemeat scandal forced us to perk up and pay more attention to labelling, yet, most of us don’t know what the labels really… continue reading