5 ways to act locally, support higher welfare and think sustainably this Christmas

Subjects: Eating cheaper & healthier, Ethical pork

1.) Go vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian


There are so many delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes which make for an excellent substitute to the usual Christmas menu. These are healthy, full of flavours and can look beautiful too! Keep an eye out for seasonal fruits vegetables like red cabbages, leeks, squashes, apples and pears. When combined with nuts and seeds this truly is a wholesome alternative with a festive touch, which more often than not can be sourced locally too – even better!

Eating better & healthier

2.) Chose higher welfare products


Supporting higher welfare products puts animal factories out of business. As a consumer we have the power to boycott intensive rearing practices. If your going to treat your diners to anything this Christmas then choose organic, free-range, outdoor bred/reared or Freedom Food pork – we promise it will taste better too. For more information on understanding labelling have a look at our guide.

Understanding pork labelling

3.) Support your local farmers this Christmas

Boost your local economy and buy meat which you know has had a happy and additive-free life. By boycotting intensively reared pork we do not drive this cruel business further. We can protect small scale farmers and their livelihoods. For more information have a look at our Pig Pledge.

Take your Pig Pledge today

4.) Select rare breed pork


By selecting pork which is from rare breed pigs you can help to keep diversification within this species and support the small scale farmers who breed them. Rare breeds not only are beautifully unique in appearance but they have distinct flavours also. Boost your Christmas lunch with a high welfare posh piggy!

Why we need to conserve rare breeds

5.) Use cheaper cuts


Why waste time cooking a huge turkey when you could turn a lesser cut into something quite special with a little bit of love. Just marry your meat with an array of seasonal vegetables and we are sure no one will be complaining.

Cooking a turkey is often a strenuous task and not enjoyed by everyone. Why not choose something a little different to wow your guests with. If your on a budget but want to eat meat and higher welfare then look to your cheaper cuts. For similar cooking times you could have a slow roast pork belly, neck, or pig cheeks.

Cheaper cuts & recipe ideas

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