Love pigs


We dont want pigs in cages anymore!

We are producing a short film to spread our message – support real farms and don’t buy pork from animal factories! To do this we are recruiting the help of other like-minded, passionate parents and children to show how much pigs are loved.

So if you have or know a child who cares about pigs, we want to help them make their voice heard! We will then use your submitted home videos to compile a short film which will focus on shifting the shopping habits of parents through the caring and understanding nature of children.

Through making this short film we want to show everyone just how much pigs are loved and why they don’t deserve to be kept in cages in animal factories.

Get involved

Please make a short video of your children telling Mum’s and other adults why they love pigs and why they don’t want to see them in cages anymore! If you keep pigs or have access to them, then please feature them in the films too.

When you have sent the video to us we will edit it into a film and send out via our website and social media channels (twitter and facebook).

Here’s what to do:

Ask your children if they would like to take part and give them a few ideas to help them compose their personalised message, so they will speak from their hearts when the camera is rolling.

Your film doesn’t have to be professional, filming with a smartphone is fine! Whether your video is 1 minute, 5 or 10 – it doesn’t matter. We will edit the best clips into the final film!

If you’re stuck for questions then we have put together some things you could ask your children for some film-spiration. You can also watch our mini example compilation below for more ideas.

If they don’t fancy being a film star then they can always paint a picture or write a handwritten letter instead. Then take a photo of your children holding their picture/letter and we’ll make sure their message is heard.

For photo inspiration check out these adorable drawings of an unhappy pig and some happy pigs!


And if you happen to keep pigs, take a photo with them too!

Invite your friends over!

Why not ask your friends over and really shout out about pigs to Mum’s and other adults about the cruelty of factory farming?!

If you or your children would like to know more about factory farming, the issues section of our website is a great place to start. Then, if you feel comfortable doing so, please share the information and images of animal factories with your children; their reactions could be very important when composing their messages. You can also watch our films to learn more and see what life for a factory farmed pig is like.

The best entries chosen to feature in the final film will also receive one of three cuddly piglet prizes!